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Why You Need to Diversify Your Hiring Process

A medical and pharmaceutical company can face a lot of demand in today’s world. Businesses in these fields need to form strong teams of sales representatives and experts to keep hitting high pharmaceutical and medical sales. Pharmaceutical sales reps may struggle to reach the quota if their team lacks members.

Aside from ensuring that your business has the correct number of employees, it is also essential to ensure that your company’s hiring process is free from biases. This does give you not only access to more people but also improves the culture of your company. This is why diversity hiring is essential.

What is diversity hiring?

Diversity hiring is conducting a recruitment and hiring process free from prejudices based on a candidate’s age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other traits that have no bearing on their abilities or job performance.

The goal of hiring for diversity and inclusion is to combat unconscious biases or learned stereotypes that are unconsciously, unintentionally, and deeply ingrained in our beliefs and lead us to form judgments about candidates solely based on first impressions. All facets of the hiring procedure can contain unconscious bias, which keeps businesses from reaping the many advantages of hiring a diverse workforce.

Diversity is a broad concept that covers a variety of characteristics outside of race and gender. An array of backgrounds, levels of education, life experiences, personalities, physical prowess, lifestyles, and skills make up a diverse workforce. When we discuss diversity hiring, we’re referring to a hiring procedure that places a high value on merit and provides a fair evaluation of each applicant.

Why is it difficult to find employees?

The hiring process is now challenging because the workforce has many options. People have the power to reshape their career paths just within a few clicks. The number of people quitting their jobs has been increasing through the years. The number of people who quit their jobs exceeds the number of layoffs and discharges by May this year.

In the United States alone, more than four million people separated from their companies by quitting their jobs. On the other hand, the number of layoffs and discharges only amounted to more than a million.

Companies are now required to give a competitive salary and to ensure that the workplace has a beautiful culture. This addresses some of the most prominent reasons people quit their jobs. After all, many employees such as sales associates would often leave their job due to low job satisfaction. It includes receiving poor salary and benefits.

How can Rep-Lite help with hiring?

Rep-Lite is an efficient talent souring for medical and pharmaceutical businesses. It is challenging to hire employees today, but we can go through the tedious part of the process for your firm.

We can fill your vacant pharmaceutical rep and sales representative jobs in as fast as three weeks. While Rep-Lite specializes in sales, we can also successfully fill positions in other fields like R&D, technicians, human resources, clinical specialists, and more.

At the beginning of the hiring process, Rep-Lite thoroughly screens, interviews, and background check all new employees. We do study not only your firm’s products but also your overall workplace culture. During the selection process, we do our best to mirror all your SOPs, including education, competencies, and previous experiences. We do this to find rockstar employees who will move your company in your desired direction.

Can Rep-Lite diversify our hiring process?

Rep-Lite is an experienced and resourceful talent sourcing firm. We can help you form a diverse team of rockstar employees with whom your employees would enjoy working. The various teams that we create can bring a positive impact to our partners. Most employees hired through Rep-Lite are employed directly by their companies.

Moreover, since Rep-Lite is hybrid sourcing for medical and pharma, the employees they provide are not limited to traditional workers. They can help you find skilled workers who can work in a hybrid setup. These workers can work from home without utilizing your office and its facilities, but they can also work there if necessary. They’re flexible and their knowledge and skills coupled with their experiences make them the ideal employees.

Why choose Rep-Lite

If you choose to work with Rep-Lite, we will treat you as partners and be fully committed to your firm’s success. The employees we connect to your company will work with you exclusively, and there will be no sharing of employees across multiple clients.

When an employee underperforms, we make sure to be in contact with them to help them serve your company better. However, if a replacement is needed, we can also do so promptly. If any other reason causes a vacancy, we will also provide you with a qualified substitute in no time.

What keeps us above our competitors is our cutting-edge working model. Following this success-proven model allows us to help our partners more efficiently in providing them with the best employees.

We begin by collaborating with your Human Resources and sales to help you draft a diverse and competitive team. Once the team has been developed, you can design their training to ensure that they can meet your company’s needs. Furthermore, because we value each client as a partner, there are no upfront fees, and you will only be charged when the employees start working.

Are there significant companies that work with Rep-Lite?

Rep-Lite has partnered with industry giants like ZOLL, Olympus, Stryker, ConMed, Zimmer Biomet, Boston Scientific, and many others.

Even large corporations require a diverse workforce. Without them, the business won’t even run. As a result, companies must take steps to connect with the best employees possible.

Pharmaceutical companies hiring for sales positions can use Rep-Lite’s assistance finding qualified candidates. Rep-Lite has become even better and more effective at assisting medical companies in achieving their objectives due to the experience it has gained from partnerships with major businesses. Rep-Lites’ successful collaboration with well-known medical companies provides evidence that their model is success-proven.

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