Your Questions, Answered.

We’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions to give you more information about Rep-Lite and the talent management experience we offer.

Why Choose Us

We make getting top sales, clinical, and service talent easier.

We are unique because our involvement does not end once the employee is placed, we continue to have a stake in their success for the entire length of their employment.  Because of this, we are considered a partner to our clients.

We can usually get a sales representative in the field within 2-3 weeks from the time you say “go.” It’s our only focus.

We are responsible for the employee’s overall success. That starts with our hiring process – we thoroughly screen, interview, and background check all new employees. We handle all the usual HR and payroll functions (expenses, also if requested).

Recruitment Process

Transform your medical company’s hiring process when you partner with us.

We invest time learning about your culture, your products, and what makes someone successful at your company and tailor our screening and interview process to your specific hiring criteria.


We mirror all of your SOP’s on every level-prior experience, education, competencies, and also company policies once they are hired.

The client controls 100% of the representative’s activity; everything from training to quotas.

This is actually our goal – to provide rockstars that our client wants to promote and hire directly. Clients may hire Rep-Lite employees any time after the 12th month of service with a conversion fee. It is your option; some clients choose to leave the employee with us much longer.

Billing and Payment

Save time and resources with Rep-Lite’s support.

You are not charged until the employee starts working. There are no up-front fees, no deposits, zero charges until the employee starts. We don’t get paid unless they work.


We bear all the costs to recruit, source, screen, and onboard employees. The only exception is company-specific aptitude/personality assessments.


In addition, these people are OUR employees – you are not increasing headcount, just paying for a contracted service.


If they should happen to leave for any reason, we do not charge you to find a replacement.


Rep-Lite is the employer of record and they are regular, full-time W2 employees with a full complement of benefits that we offer to all employees: PTO and sick time, paid holidays, 401k, medical/dental/vision insurance, life insurance, etc.


The client simply receives a monthly invoice for all of the contracted employees working for them.

In some cases, all it takes is for us to have a quick conversation with the employee and they’re back on track. In others, we need to find a replacement, which we do immediately and at no additional cost to the client.