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The Talent Sourcing Process

The medical and pharmaceutical industries can be very tough. Medical sales and pharmaceutical sales can be challenging to bring up and maintain. To do so, one needs to have good talent in the company. This entails having great sales reps working for your business. Medical sales reps and pharmaceutical sales reps are vital to a business in these fields. 

However, it can be challenging to fill sales jobs.

To provide a consistent applicant flow for open positions now and in the future, talent sourcing is described as a systematic way of locating, connecting with, and networking with the best-fit talent pools.

The concept of turning people into candidates is at the heart of the process. Sourcing talent is crucial to developing a strong talent pipeline and is frequently the beginning of the recruiting process. In contrast to a recruiter, who must concentrate on the entire talent acquisition process (turning applicants into employees), a talent source focuses on making cold calls and laborious networking to create inclusive search strings.

The talent source must be able to build interest in the company and the position for which they are recruiting candidates. For instance, if Organization A needs a UX designer who can start working within a month, a talent source must spread their talent net as widely as possible. It’s an effective way to build a large talent pool while keeping in mind the requirements of the job description, the type of talent sought, the deadline, and the expectations of the talent organization. The talent acquisition (TA) process’s overall effectiveness is influenced by how successfully the important talent sourcing component is carried out. It has an impact on how long it takes to find the ideal applicants and how good the hires themselves turn out to be.

Establish job specifications

Before creating job descriptions, people in charge of finding candidates should speak with hiring managers to learn what qualifications—including training, education, and experience—are required for the role. Without this information, finding the most suitable applicants is hard.

Describe the desired applicant

Here is when HR experts start to compare prospective employees to job descriptions. Consider the personalities and interests that might make someone a good fit with the employer’s brand in addition to experience and skill sets.


Talent sourcing professionals are well-prepared to browse social network profiles, evaluate submitted resumes, or go to live events like career fairs since they have job descriptions and details about the ideal applicant. At this point, an applicant tracking system might be beneficial.


Ideal first communications with prospects should be concise and individualized. To evaluate their interest in the possibility without overwhelming them is the goal.

Analyze the available talent

Qualified applicants who were open to networking or demonstrated interest in a specific job would receive an interview invitation. Depending on organizational procedures, the individual responsible for finding talent may now hand responsibility to a recruiter or hiring manager to complete the recruiting process.

Hybrid Sourcing

Hybrid recruiting includes the entire process, including posting job advertising to source applicants, choosing them, interacting with team members, and gathering candidate feedback. It does not just relate to the in-person and online interview procedure. Companies hastened technology adoption with the trending recruiting metrics to watch in the recruitment market as the epidemic shut down all in-person activity. Hybrid recruiting, however, was used by organizations long before the epidemic, even though it received a lot of attention in 2020.

Employing virtual hiring tools, including chatbots for recruiting, virtual hiring events, text recruiting, video interviewing, and professional networking platforms, enables businesses to cut hiring costs, shorten the hiring cycle, improve candidate experience, and create flexibility in each stage of the hiring process. Any part of the hiring process, from sourcing to onboarding, may be digitalized, combined with in-person methods, and profit greatly from hybrid recruitment.

Rep-lite is a step higher than other recruitment resources in the medical field, and they also utilize blended recruitment strategies. We treat you as a partner by providing solutions for your company’s unique staffing needs. We have recruitment teams to help you hire in various industries and fields. This includes medical, medical devices, biotechnology, territory sales, and clinical sales.

We are fully invested in the success of your business. Rep-lite thoroughly screens each employee to ensure you get the best sales representative. We also conduct interviews and background checks. We take the time to learn about your company’s culture, products, and what makes an employee successful before customizing our screening and interviewing procedures to meet your precise hiring requirements.

On every level, including experience, education, competencies, and business rules after hiring, we reflect all of your SOPs. However, our involvement does not end in connecting you to the employee. We also take steps to ensure that the employee we joined will continue to thrive and help your business move forward. Furthermore, the employees we connect with will be fully committed to your business. Even though we are a talent sourcing company, you will not be sharing the employees with other companies.

The employees are entirely committed to your business, and you will also wholly control their activities. This begins with designing their training. Then, you will also get to decide their quotas and their salaries.

Since Rep-lite is a hybrid sourcing company, we can connect you to employees working in a hybrid set-up. These employees work remotely, but they can also work on-site when necessary. This can help your company save resources in the long run. 

Rep-lite can also help you cut costs in many other ways. As our partners, you will not be charged until the employee begins their job. There are no deposits, up-front fees, or other costs. We pay for every expense related to hiring, sourcing, screening, and onboarding personnel. The sole exception is aptitude/personality tests that are particular to the firm. Another advantage is that you are only paying for a contractual service as these folks are OUR workers rather than adding to the workforce. We don’t charge you to locate a replacement if they were to depart for any reason.

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