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Rep-Lite Named Most Pioneering Hybrid Medical Contract Sales & Services Enterprise 2020 by GHP Mag

Rep-Lite has been recognized as the “Most Pioneering Hybrid Medical Contract Sales & Services Enterprise 2020” by GHP magazine in its fifth annual Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards.

Jan. 8, 2021, Alpharetta, GA

Rep-Lite, a noted provider of quality medical sales talent to medical companies, has been recognized as the most pioneering hybrid medical contract sales and services enterprise for the year 2020 by Global Health & Pharma (GHP) magazine, a global information-sharing platform dedicated to enhancing communication networks and collaboration across all themes and disciplines of human, animal, and environmental health. GHP magazine has recently announced the winners of the fifth annual Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards—and Rep-Lite was one of the proud winners.

GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards recognize the forward thinkers bringing crucial new ideas and products to the forefront of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Regardless of their size, all participating companies are judged purely on merit and only the most deserving ones are selected for the award. All participants are judged on the basis of various criteria, including business performance, longevity, business growth, and any significant innovations or feedback. A range of promotional packages and items are offered to GHP award winners, including inclusion in the free-of-charge winners’ directory, trophies, and content in GHP magazine and on the website.

Over the years, Rep-Lite has emerged as a trusted destination for top-quality medical sales talent solutions. The company provides quality medical device sales talent on a de-risked contractual basis to medical companies looking to save costs and increase productivity. Working directly with manufacturers in every vertical of the medical community, Rep-Lite offers personnel for a wide range of positions, including sales representatives, associate sales representatives, clinical specialists, field service technicians, product launch specialists, and much more.

“We are sincerely honored to receive this prestigious award from GHP. We set out years ago to create a company in which we provide amazing talent in a de-risked environment to our clients. GHP’s award [Most Pioneering Hybrid Medical Contract Sales & Services Enterprise 2020] is a perfect title for what we do. We have always wanted our clients to see and feel as if we are true partners where we align with their strategies and goals. Of course, the best thing about Rep-Lite is our amazing team members; this award is a reflection of their hard work and dedication to our clients and the patients we serve daily,” said Rep-Lite Steward/Founder, Rick Barnett.

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About Rep-Lite: Rep-Lite is an experienced talent acquisition company that helps medical device and pharmaceutical companies scale, build, pivot, and reduce attrition while driving market share. Rep-Lite’s proven model in diverse industry platforms and extensive industry experience is changing how manufacturers accomplish business in the current environment.


Ania McNamara, Global Marketing Manager


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Rick Barnett


Mr. Barnett has held many senior level executive positions within the medical device arena. Mr. Barnett is a performance-driven sales leadership executive with expertise in building client relationships, developing and executing winning sales strategies, and the selection and development of top talented teams. Mr. Barnett is recognized as a leader with a reputation for advancing successful business development campaigns, leveraging core strengths, and capitalizing on solid client relationships.

Mr. Barnett holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration from the University of Hawaii. His background includes building businesses with companies like Stryker and Intuitive Surgical over the past 25 years. Mr. Barnett is a visionary who commonly recognizes “outside the box” opportunities while driving the current business to surpass established goals which has allowed him to function in a consulting capacity for several top industry leaders. Mr. Barnett currently serves as Founder of Rep-Lite. He is responsible for spearheading a strategic development process that allows both manufacturers and facilities to experience maximized potential with limited resources. Mr. Barnett has initiated & instituted this process to allow several manufacturers to experience exponential growth within the divisions that it was applied. Mr. Barnett has a proven track record of over 30 years of achieving or surpassing planned goals in every position.