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How Rep-Lite Helps in Filling in Open Positions in the US

The labor market is under persistent pressure, with many job opportunities, new hires, and individuals departing simultaneously, which is suitable for job seekers but challenging for hiring managers.

According to a recent survey conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of April 2022, there are still 11.4 million vacant positions in the US. There have also been 6.6 million hires, but there have been 6 million separations over the same time.

The number of separations falls under two categories. A considerable portion amounting to 4.4 million of these separations are people who quit their jobs, while layoffs and discharges are at a series low of 1.2 million. Hires and separations occur a lot every month throughout the business cycle.

Specific data for the field of healthcare

The specific field of healthcare and social assistance takes 8.1 % of Job openings. There are 1.8 million job openings alone by the end of April this year. While there have been 737 thousand hires in the same field (3.5% of the whole country), a whopping 673 separations (3.3% of the entire country) were recorded.

Due to the high number of openings, finding the best people to hire can be very challenging. Recruiters are racing to fill record-high job postings and backfill for workers who are changing professions. There were around six job applicants for every ten openings in January or nearly two vacant positions for every available worker. This is where Rep-Lite can step in and aid your business.

How can Rep-Lite help businesses?

Does your company find it challenging to fill openings for pharmaceutical sales and sales representative jobs? Rep-Lite works excellently in helping companies optimize their hiring for medical sales jobs. However, they could also help your business fill other positions.

Rep-Lite can help you locate devoted and qualified people for positions such as sales reps and many more because they specialize in assisting medical companies with sales. If applicable, you may be able to employ directly through Rep-Lite in some situations.

Rep-Lite can interact with clients and companies because of its large pool of competent personnel, and it can fill unfilled positions in less than four weeks. Rep-Lite can assist you in selecting the appropriate employment sales associate for your medical practice’s current needs.

According to the PEW research center, many employees quit their job because of low salaries. To address this issue, Rep-Lite sees that the medical sales rep’s compensation, along with other positions’, is competitive while not costing too much.

Rep-Lite also works closely with each client, considering them as partners. Aside from helping businesses in the hiring aspect, Rep-Lite can also help with the overall sales strategy.

Do we have to pay upfront?

One of the best things about Rep-Lite is you don’t have to pay anything until the employee starts working! There are no upfront costs, deposits, or charges until the person begins working.

Rep-Lite covers all staff recruitment, sourcing, screening, and onboarding costs. Only company-specific aptitude/personality examinations are exempt. Another advantage is that these are our employees; you are not adding to your workforce but instead paying for a contracted service.

Does Rep-Lite help if the employee quits or gets fired?

A significant portion of separations is people who quit their jobs (4.4 million). The number of layoffs and discharges remains low (1.2), but it can still be alarming for some companies.

Rep-Lite can solve this problem for your business! It focuses on filling your vacant sales jobs and other positions. Within only 2-3 weeks after your confirmation, a sales representative can immediately start working in the field. It won’t cost extra for Rep-Lite to find a replacement for your employee regardless of the reason behind the vacancy.

Does Rep-Lite help in reducing costs?

Rep-Lite’s services remain inexpensive even though it works hard to identify the best workers to fill your sales representative job openings. It may also be able to assist you in lowering overall costs thanks to its unique and efficient methodology.

They assist medical companies in reducing attrition costs in particular. Companies that use Rep-Lite services save 50-70 percent on their attrition costs. Employees that switch from Rep-Lite to direct account for 90% of the total. Investing money in Rep-Lite’s services will lower your overall costs.

For pharmaceutical and medical device companies, hybrid working makes a lot of sense. Employees can do research in a lab or visit clients in person. At the same time, individuals can work from home on administrative and reporting tasks, lowering overhead and increasing flexibility.

With fewer people working in an office, overhead costs such as energy, desk space, and real estate are reduced. A hybrid working arrangement may enable a healthcare entrepreneur to relocate to a more compact area.

Who remains in control of the employees?

When organizations hire through firms, there are situations when they may have reservations regarding employee loyalty. With Rep-Lite, however, this will not be an issue. Ninety percent of Rep-Lite personnel eventually become direct hire.

Furthermore, Rep-Lite’s system does not allow for client sharing. Employees associated with your organization will be dedicated entirely to it.

While it provides essential credentials for vocations such as medical sales and many others, the client can customize their training to meet their own goals. It could include instructing employees on how to use their items.

It’s also critical that your organization has complete control over the operations of its personnel, including their quotas, among other things. That is why Rep-Lite gives you this control.

How does Rep-Lite run efficiently?

Rep-Lite has a result-driven model, and this is its competitive edge. This tested and proven model worked successfully with its previous clients. Following this unique methodology makes working with it more efficient, especially regarding personnel management. As a result, pharmaceutical sales improve.

It collaborates closely with HR and sales to help you build the finest possible sales team. After choosing your team and personnel, you can begin training them to meet your company’s specific demands. You may also manage their quotas and other tasks.

The employees will be entirely committed to your firm once hired. Following these procedures, your company’s overall revenue will improve. Rep-Lite will fill vacancies in less than two weeks if you want to promote your staff or have a vacancy.

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