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How Do Open Positions Hurt Your Company’s Overall Performance?

If you want your medical and pharmaceutical business to be at its best, you must consider the open positions in your company. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics’ recent news release, there are more than 11 million job openings on the last day of May 2022. The separations also amounted to six million, 4.3 million of which were voluntary separations or quits.

In the same timeframe, there have been almost two million job openings and more than 700,000 separations in the health and social service sector alone. This situation caused a lot of businesses in the medical and pharmaceutical filled to have open positions. While other employees can manage the workload at first, these open positions will hurt your company in the long run.

It can be challenging to fill pharmaceutical sales jobs and pharmaceutical rep jobs nowadays. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for sales positions increased. However, people, especially fresh graduates, prefer other career paths.

Why is it essential to fill open positions immediately?

Open positions mean that the people working on your firm’s project are lower than optimal. It gives your sales rep less time to focus on increasing medical sales as they may have to work on the responsibilities of the open position.

The challenge for companies is that the longer sales jobs remain open, the harder it would be to fill them. When a med rep looking for a job sees that the position has been available for a long time, they may have second thoughts about working with your company.

Your prospect working might think that your firm has issues that cause these positions to remain open. They might assume you do not give a competitive pharmaceutical sales rep salary. They might also consider that your company fails to provide a conducive work environment for a medical sales rep. Either way, the longer a position is open, the harder it would be for your firm to solve its problem.

Why do positions go vacant?

In the United States of America, most open positions are caused by people quitting their jobs. As mentioned earlier, more than four million people are leaving their jobs. The number of layoffs and discharges only amounted to more than a million.

People working in pharmaceutical sales can quit for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is that they have low job satisfaction. Many feel pressured because there are quotas to be reached, too. On the other hand, sales representative jobs often go vacant because qualified people leave their companies for better pay. Sales jobs are challenging and competition is still.

On a positive note, some job openings are caused by promotions. When a worker vacates their post to take a higher position, their previous post will have to remain vacant for some time. It means that the medical sales company needs to fill the open position promptly.

How to quickly fill vacant positions?

It is imperative to promptly fill open positions to lessen their impact on your company’s performance. But it will be very challenging considering that people have many career options today. So, to make things convenient for your firm, you can partner with hybrid talent sourcing companies such as Rep-Lite.

Rep-Lite minimizes the risks and the time consumed to hire a new pharmaceutical rep for your company. If you are looking for the best people for positions such as clinical specialists, sales representatives, or everything else, Rep-Lite can do the hard work for you. All you have to do is sit back and let us handle the rest.

Finding your own sales representative can take up months. Rep-Lite can send a sales representative to the field within 2-3 weeks after your request. We will work hard to find rockstar employees who fit well with your firm’s workplace culture. Not only that, but we also guarantee that these employees will remain loyal to you. Further, they’ll remain committed to their responsibilities throughout their contract.

While Rep-Lite specializes in sales, we successfully fill various positions, including clinical specialists, field service, R&D, human resources, marketing, and technicians. In any case, we try to find the most suited person for your business. The firm absorbs most employees hired through Rep-Lite after their contract.

If one of your employees gets promoted or fired, Rep-Lite can also fill that position immediately. When an employee fails to meet your expectations, Rep-Lite will communicate with them for you; if they cannot get back on track, we will find you a replacement at no additional cost. In this situation, everybody wins.

Who is in control of the employees?

The employees will technically be Rep-Lite employees. However, you and your company will receive their total commitment. You get to design their training. We believe you are in the best position to train and equip them because you know what is best for your business. Aside from the training, you also get to decide their quotas.

Because you designed their training and decided their quotas, Rep-Lite employees can work for your company just as well as regular employees. This is why Rep-Lite’s conversion rate is very high. The customers like most Rep-Lite employees; that’s why they are hired as regular employees.

Other benefits of working with Rep-Lite

With Rep-Lite, there are no upfront fees, and you will not be charged until the employees start working. We can also help you develop a working sales strategy. As your partners, we love to offer consulting services so we can communicate with you and discuss how to improve your sales.

Rep-Lite takes time to learn your firm’s product and culture. We also mirror your hiring SOPs to ensure that we find the best hire for your open jobs for sales associates. Furthermore, our involvement does not end after the employee is hired. When you work with Rep-Lite, we consider you as valued partners, and your success matters to us. For that reason, we continue to ensure that employees hired through us become successful in what they do for your company.

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