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Headwinds of Meeting Quota When Headcount is Lacking

The quota is a sales target that a company demands a sales rep or sales team to achieve over a specific period. These sales quotas can be set monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Depending on the size of your company, you can select your sales quotas by region or business unit. Revenue-based sales quotas are the most typical.

The quota can be a fixed number of medical devices you want your medical sales rep to achieve in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. To accomplish the medical firm’s goal, they will often offer sales jobs to increase medical sales.

Why do companies need to set quotas?

Goal setting can help employees envision what they need to accomplish during their work. Having clear goals is vital for having better pharmaceutical sales. It can also encourage your team to work harder. Because the deals are tracked to see if they meet the quota, your team will also see the progress of their sales performance through each period.

These goals help keep track of your business is indeed moving forward. It also helps your pharmaceutical sales representative decide on what items to focus on selling to your customers. Overall, we can conclude that setting quotas is vital if you want a thriving business in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Is meeting the quota easy?

Meeting the quota can be pretty challenging. It requires that your team is coordinated and complete. Although some businesses decide on having individual quotas, it is still in the best interest of every member to work together. Even the most challenging work of a personal med rep cannot suffice to meet the company’s entire quota.

It would help if you also considered that you have competitors in the same field of business. These competitors have teams and strategies of their own. While there are a lot of pharmaceutical sales opportunities, it would be great if we could seize every available opportunity to sell.

What is the greatest challenge in meeting quotas?

When a pharmaceutical company has set clear goals and has employed competitive people to be its pharmaceutical rep but is still unable to reach their quotas, it can be caused by the lack of workforce. There is indeed strength in numbers. Even the most competitive employees need enough teammates to achieve tasks successfully.

Assigning too many tasks to a small group of people can decrease the overall productivity of your operations and cause you to miss out on profitable opportunities. In the case of sales representatives, the lack of headcount can mean a lack of focus. Because there is a lot they need to sell, they might fail to focus on the needs of specific customers. This scenario can result in worse client relationships, making the quota harder to reach.

Finding employees who can promptly dive into your company’s culture and work with your team to reach the quota can be challenging. Searching for qualified people is a challenge, even if you can afford to pay more. Sales reps have a lot of job opportunities today.

As of May this year, there are almost 2 million healthcare and social assistance jobs alone. Therefore, it can also be challenging to increase your team’s headcount.

To help complete your team, you can look into partnering with hybrid talent sourcing companies like Rep-Lite. They can help find the best people for your medical and pharmaceutical business. In this way, your goals will become more attainable. Your employees will also be less strained, and they can be more productive.

How can Rep-Lite help a company with a low headcount?

Rep-Lite is a hybrid talent sourcing for medical and pharma with expertise in sales. You can be a partner, and you will not have to worry about filling your vacant pharmaceutical sales jobs. We will find you rockstar employees who blend well with your company’s culture and will work hard to help your team meet the quota.

We can find you a competitive sales representative just 2-3 weeks after you have decided to fill your vacant sales rep jobs. The selected employees will be fully committed to working for your goals. Rep-Lite’s involvement does not end after connecting you to the employee. We see to it that their performance is successful while they are working for you.

The increase in the headcount of your team makes hitting quotas easier. If you are impressed with how they helped your team achieve your quota, you can hire them directly to be a part of your team. Talents are employed through Rep-Lite work on a contractual basis, but most of them get directly hired by Rep-Lites partners they were assigned to work with.

While Rep-Lite specializes in sales, we have a proven track record in other fields like human resources, marketing, clinical specialists, and more.

Because Rep-Lite is a hybrid talent sourcing company, the employees they find for you can be more flexible. They can fill vacant sales jobs from home. This can benefit your business because the employees will only use your facilities when necessary. You’ll cut your overall costs this way.

While technically, your firm’s headcount does not increase in the partnership, Rep-Lite can help you have enough workers for your project. It guarantees you’ll reach your desired quota within the timeline you’ve set.

If a position within your company becomes vacant due to promotion, firing, or any other reason, Rep-Lite will promptly fill the position. You will be Rep-Lite’s partners, and your success is vital for us!

Who decides their quota?

The additional workers to your team are technically Rep-Lite employees. However, you get to decide what their quota will be. You will also be designing their training. We take steps to get them ready with basic credentialing, but you will provide the product-related and company-specific training. This process helps them to be just as prepared as your regular employees.

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