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10 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Improve the candidate’s application experience

Looking for jobs can be a challenging experience. However, it can be an opportunity for job hunters to meet people in the same industry. You can leverage this as a company looking for the best pharmaceutical sales representative or other vital positions.

If the candidates applying for your vacant positions have a positive experience, they will recommend your company to their colleagues. It would be similar to getting a free advertisement boost for your job ad.

Aside from recommending you to other applicants, it is likely that they will also recommend you to their family and friends who are looking for jobs. In this way, your recruitment could be more successful.

Explore modern platforms to improve the reach

Has your company tried to post ads for sales or sales representative jobs, but no one seems to respond? The problem might not be the ad itself but rather the platform used. While there are still a lot of people reading newspapers and listening to radio stations, other efficient options are available nowadays.

Your medical and pharmaceutical company will benefit from having active social media accounts. This way, many more people can see your ad, and interested candidates can reach you promptly.

Create an efficient structure

The structure of your hiring process should be smooth and clear to your candidates from the first day. This helps your company have a straightforward course of action and a sense of security for the candidates.

In the beginning stages, the qualifications must be clear. Then, the process should be transparent to the qualified candidates. This way, they will understand the process and not proceed with other companies while waiting for the next step.

Check the CVs carefully

Interviewing the candidates can be a lengthy process. After all, you must talk to them and observe them in the hiring process. Therefore, when looking for a sales rep, you can speed up the hiring process by reducing the number of people you interview.

To do this, you must carefully review the candidate’s curriculum vitae. This way, you can ensure that those who can proceed to the next point of the process are qualified.

Utilize automatic tools to optimize the process

As mentioned previously, reviewing the candidates’ curriculum vitae can help boost the speed of your hiring process. However, going through the curriculum vitae submitted by a lot of applicants can take up time. It defeats the purpose of trying to hasten hiring sales representatives and other positions.

You can choose a program that can look at their document to scan through essential statistics. In this way, you can quickly sort the candidates and identify whether they are qualified to move forward with your company or not.

Prescreen the candidates

After reviewing their documents, you can screen them further before they begin the hiring process. In this way, you can save up on time and resources.

There are a lot of ways to prescreen your candidates. Choose one that checks if the candidate is suited to the possible job with your company. You can employ knowledge and skills tests to identify their total capacity. This helps you identify who is the most qualified out of all applicants.

Explore other interview options

The interview can take a long time to complete. It is the most vital part of the hiring process. This is the stage where you will learn more about the candidate.

There are other options you can explore to optimize this part of hiring. For example, you can employ virtual interviews. This can save everyone’s time as candidates won’t need to travel, and companies proceed with many more discussions during the workday.

Try hiring internally

While many great people are looking for jobs, have you thought that maybe the best person for the position is already among your ranks? Hiring internally is very efficient. It saves you time on paperwork and other aspects of the hiring process.

When you have a vacancy for a higher position, you should also consider promoting your employees. This way, you can save time on hiring because you only have to find a replacement for the promoted staff.

Use an employee referral program

To make the hiring process more efficient, you should incentivize employees that help connect you to qualified job applicants. In this way, they will be encouraged to contact more candidates for you.

You can create your referral program. You can give bonuses to whoever referred the candidate that you hired. In this way, you get to fill your vacant position while an employee that helped you is rewarded without spending too much.

Collaborate with a recruitment specialist

While handling all aspects of your business feels more personal, it can be very daunting. You may also think you are saving on expenses, but you must remember that time is also valuable. How much effort can you spend in recruiting, and how much time can you spend doing so?

If you want to save a lot of time, you can collaborate with specialists who will make things more efficient for your business. They can set up the entire hiring process for your firm.

Other ways to fill vacant positions quickly

There are cases when you have tried everything possible to speed up the hiring process but still can’t find the best candidate. You can collaborate with talent sourcing companies like Rep-Lite if you want to fill vacancies.

Rep-Lite can connect you to rockstar employees in three weeks or less. We make sure that these employees are not only qualified but are also suited to your company’s culture. Even though we are a talent sourcing company, the employees we connect with are fully committed to your business. You get to design their training and set their quotas.

Rep-Lite treats you as a partner. We involve ourselves in the employees’ success to ensure your success. If you are impressed with their performance, you can hire them directly after their contract with us is over. Most of the employees we connected to our previous partners have been employed now because we see to it that they do their best.

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