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Never Give Up

Join us as we dive into the lives of extraordinary individuals who have faced challenges head-on and emerged victorious, proving that with the right mindset and unwavering perseverance, anything is possible.

About The Book

Success and accomplishment are invariably tied together with a Never Give Up attitude. For the determined, the word “quitting” is not even a part of their vocabulary. The more successful amongst us learn, plan and continue to execute well-thought-out strategies regardless of frustrations, failures, or personal hardships. However, the addition of a “secret sauce” to obtain faster and better results – a catalyst for success – is the amazing ingredient of mentoring.


In “Never Give Up,” you’ll discover heartwarming accounts of individuals who refused to let obstacles define them. From athletes overcoming injuries to entrepreneurs breaking barriers, these stories are a testament to the power of the human spirit. Each page is a testament to the incredible resilience and strength that lies within us all. 

“My greatest satisfaction isn’t a paycheck or my influence as an owner and operator.


Rep-Lite satisfaction is meeting someone eager to grow, training that person in the context of a company, and two years later, getting the “You changed my life” text or email.”

Amazon Best-Seller Status

Rick Barnett Achieves Amazon Best-Seller Status with “Never Give Up,” Co-Authored with Dick Vitale

About The Author

Rick Barnett has held many senior-level executive positions within the medical device arena. He is a performance-driven sales leadership executive with expertise in building client relationships, developing and executing winning sales strategies, and the selection and development of top-talented teams. Rick Barnett is recognized as a leader with a reputation for advancing successful business development campaigns, leveraging core strengths, and capitalizing on solid client relationships. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration from the University of Hawaii. His background includes building businesses with companies like Stryker and Intuitive Surgical over the past 25 years.


He currently serves as Founder of Rep-Lite and is responsible for spearheading a strategic development process that allows manufacturers to experience maximized potential with limited resources. He has initiated and instituted this process to allow exponential growth within the divisions that it was applied.

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