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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency

The medical and pharmaceutical field is very competitive. Many companies are working hard to be successful in making money and providing the best healthcare to their consumers. To remain on top, companies need to ensure that they have the team which is best suited to them.

It can be challenging to find a team of medical sales reps and pharmaceutical sales reps who can efficiently collaborate with other members of the group. Often, the issue is not the availability of workers, as many qualified people are seeking jobs. Sometimes, the biggest challenge can be finding the perfect fit for your firm.

There are a lot of individuals who can fill the needs of a company at a given time. However, medical and pharmaceutical companies might lose time and resources if they put a lot of effort into searching for these people. That is why it is advantageous for these companies to work with a recruitment agency.

Consider the costs

Working with a recruitment agency helps your company save time and resources that you usually spend on hiring. Recruitment agencies do most of the hard work brought by the selection process. However, you still have to pay the agency you choose to work with. Other agencies can be costly, and their services might not be worth what you are paying them. You need to select a company that gives you the best worth for your money.

If your company has vacant sales rep jobs, consider partnering with Rep-Lite to find the best candidates for you. We can efficiently find the best employees for your medical and pharmaceutical business. Rep-Lite fills vacancies in three weeks or less. Yet, you won’t have to pay until the hired candidate starts working. Beyond that, Rep-Lite helps partners save 50-70% in the total cost of attrition. We make sure that you get the value for your money and more.

Consider your company’s culture

There are many cheap agencies, but not all put much thought into selecting candidates. They check qualifications and other essential things that appear on paper, but are they looking for the best fit for your business? To improve your company’s performance, you need to find employees such as pharmaceutical sales representatives that are not only qualified but also a good fit for the workplace.

Rep-Lite works hard to find workers that fit your firm’s overall culture. This ensures that they will have an efficient collaboration with your current employees. This also improves their dedication to your company. The employees we connect to your firm are 100% committed to your business, and you won’t have to share them with our other clients. This results in finding employees that perform exceptionally. As a result, most employees hired by Rep-Lite are employed directly by our partners after the contract is over.

Look for versatility

Your business might have vacancies across different fields. When your company lacks several workers, reaching your goals in time will be hard. That is why you need to work with a firm that could fill all of these positions promptly. For that reason, you need to partner with a versatile agency to help fill vacancies in your company’s departments.

We are a versatile company. While Rep-Lite focuses on sales, we can do so much more. We can successfully fill positions such as clinical specialists, field service, R&D, human resources, marketing, technicians, and many more.

With Rep-Lite being a hybrid talent, sourcing for medical and pharma, we can also find workers for unique working conditions. We can connect you with sales representatives that work from home but can report to the office when necessary. Many businesses prefer this setup because it reduces the costs of using office facilities. That is why even large medical and pharmaceutical agencies partner with us.

Look for a success-driven agency

Working with a success-driven agency that wants your business to grow with theirs is essential. In this way, you can be sure that they will genuinely work hard and continually meet the needs of your partnership. You need to find a company that wants to reach success and has an efficient working model to get there.

Rep-Lite utilizes a cutting-edge success-driven model to ensure that our partners would get the best workers available. We collaborate with your Human Resources and sales department to help form your company’s best possible sales team. The selected team and employees will undergo training you designed so they can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your medical and pharmaceutical business. You also get to decide the employees, quotas, and activities.

Select a company that goes above and beyond

While many agencies can efficiently multiply your workforce, you are not sure if they put too much thought into it. Some agencies focus on recruiting and stop caring once they are paid. Though it’s part of the paid service, your company can benefit from other firms willing to go above and beyond for you. In this way, you do not only pay for a service but for a healthy partnership.

Rep-Lite considers each of our clients as a valued partner. That is why we try to find rockstar employees who will grow with your company. We are responsible for the employee’s overall success. This responsibility begins with the hiring process, where we thoroughly screen, interview, and background check all the prospects. When the employee is underperforming, we also deal with them for you. If, for any reason, your company needs more positions filled during our partnership, Rep-Lite will promptly fill those positions for you.

Besides helping you with the best employees, we also offer consultation services. Rep-Lite values your business, and we would love for it to grow as you collaborate with us.

Choosing the right recruitment agency is imperative. You’ll be working closely together. The kind of agency you work with can make or break the over-all performance of your company. Choose wisely by following the tips mentioned above. Better yet, choose Rep-Lite. The success of your company is out top priority

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Rick Barnett


Mr. Barnett has held many senior level executive positions within the medical device arena. Mr. Barnett is a performance-driven sales leadership executive with expertise in building client relationships, developing and executing winning sales strategies, and the selection and development of top talented teams. Mr. Barnett is recognized as a leader with a reputation for advancing successful business development campaigns, leveraging core strengths, and capitalizing on solid client relationships.

Mr. Barnett holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration from the University of Hawaii. His background includes building businesses with companies like Stryker and Intuitive Surgical over the past 25 years. Mr. Barnett is a visionary who commonly recognizes “outside the box” opportunities while driving the current business to surpass established goals which has allowed him to function in a consulting capacity for several top industry leaders. Mr. Barnett currently serves as Founder of Rep-Lite. He is responsible for spearheading a strategic development process that allows both manufacturers and facilities to experience maximized potential with limited resources. Mr. Barnett has initiated & instituted this process to allow several manufacturers to experience exponential growth within the divisions that it was applied. Mr. Barnett has a proven track record of over 30 years of achieving or surpassing planned goals in every position.