What Every Medical Manufacturer and Healthcare Provider Ought to Know About the “Rep-less” Model

What Every Medical Manufacturer and Healthcare Provider Ought to Know About the “Rep-less” Model

- March 7, 2018

This whole new and innovative approach in the healthcare community is gaining more and more recognition from both medical device sales companies and hospitals.

The Rep-Lite model is all about expert sales and service support through recruitment, training, and placement of medical device sales reps and technical specialists – with the main goal of cost reduction and increasing market opportunities.

Who Uses the Rep-Lite Approach?

  • Medical device and equipment manufacturers
  • Medical device industry executives
  • Medical vendors
  • Medical sales reps
  • Regional Sales Director
  • Clinical teams
  • House leads/surgeons
  • Legacy Account Surgeons
  • Sales and support professionals

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What Type of Sales and Support Solutions Does Rep-lite Provide?

  • Sales Reps
  • Associate Sales Reps
  • Clinical Specialists
  • Field Technicians
  • Product Support
  • Evaluation Teams
  • Product Trainers
  • Commercialization Specialists
  • Clinical Technicians

How Does the Rep-less Model Work?

This new method is dedicated to supporting medical device manufacturers from a Sales and Service perspective. When you remove the Human Resources (HR) burden and decrease the cost of sales, you will see an increase in efficiency and profitability (see chart below).

Traditional Rep Model Rep-Lite Model
Overall implant business annually by Surgeon A $2M $2M

Typical commission rate

Variable – 25%


Fixed – Set amount for 24/7 coverage

Amount paid out for coverage & support

$500K +/-


Less than $200K – Amount paid for the same coverage

Case coverage restrictsreps time to canvas new surgeons  

Grow – Rep-Lite techs are able to grow entire brand through facilities


10 Steps to Accomplish the Rep-Lite Process

STEP #1 – Manufacture Contracts Rep-Lite to build program

  • Meetings conducted with HR
  • Meetings conducted with Sales
  • Meetings conducted with Training

STEP #2 – Manufacture defines parameters of coverage

STEP #3 – Rep-Lite/manufacture defines hospital targets

STEP #4 – Rep-Lite builds out complete structure of the program

STEP #5 – Rep-Lite hires techs

STEP #6 – Manufacture begins training process for new techs

STEP #7 – Techs are introduced to hospital staff

STEP #8 – Techs go through needed hospital orientation

STEP #9 – Techs are incorporated into OR team

STEP #10 – Techs are aligned with Manufacture operational management team

With 27 years of experience in various medical device industries, Rep-Lite has a proven track record of success. Rep-Lite is changing how manufacturers accomplish business in the current environment by providing cost-efficient solutions using overhead reduction and revenue generation.

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