Top Sales and Service Support Designed for Medical Device Manufacturers and Vendors

Top Sales and Service Support Designed for Medical Device Manufacturers and Vendors

- March 8, 2018

In an age driven by disruptive technologies, medical device companies can leverage on-demand and cost-effective solutions to systematize core processes such as sales, customer service, product support, and personnel management.

Because the healthcare landscape is changing fast, many of these medical device organizations are seeking ways to make improvements using this new approach. After all, medical device manufacturers need sales and service support in their patient care areas.

A New, Simplified Alternative to the Traditional Distributor/Rep Model

1. Lower cost of sales, higher quality of service – work with the healthcare industry’s most skilled and experienced medical device sales reps and equipment technicians.

2. Reduce overhead and streamline vendor processes – medical manufacturer support simplifying the vendor relations process and to let you get back to the business of healthcare as it was intended.

3. Save money and resources – helps manufacturers respond to the changing sales and support market.

Historical data supporting the concept…

Rep-Lite Case Study Reports:

Example of 12-year results:

  • 32% higher product ASP in accounts with Rep-Lite program versus the rest of the field.
  • 35% deeper product penetration in accounts with Rep-Lite program versus the rest of the field.
  • 40 Rep-Lite employees transitioned into manufacturer full line sales representatives.

Robotic Case Study 4-year results:

  • 28% Increase in robotic instruments across the US YOY where Rep-Lite program was installed.
  • 50% reduction in robotic install/in-service time while utilizing program – Rep-Lite vs. normal sales reps.


Being proactive in its approach to medical manufacturer support and staff training, the Rep-Lite program can alter the way hospitals and clinics deal with the ever-increasing flow of vendors and field representatives.

It is now transforming the way medical equipment manufacturers do business, and function more like trusted equipment consultants and sell that consulting time and value as part of a service package.

With greater insight into device and equipment performance, service technicians will be more prepared to resolve issues before they arise. It can also grow service margins by reducing the number of deployments in the operating room.


Medical Device Experts – Sales, Service, and Technical Support

Never before have this specific set of skills been in such a high demand. This team of sales reps and technicians are passionate about the medical industry and the patients it represents…

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1. Sales Reps – are a key link between medical companies and healthcare providers. At its very core, the job of a medical sales representative is to advertise, market and distribute a specific product to relevant hospitals and clinics. They strategically increase the awareness and use of your company’s medical device and equipment.

2. Associate Sales Reps – The primary function of the Associate Sales Rep is to provide clinical and sales support to the aligned region/division for all sales-related activities.

They partner with and learn sales processes from tenured sales professionals in the field, as well as making contributions in the OR, as appropriate.

3. Clinical Specialists – often work in laboratories as part of a team of technologists, technicians, and supervisors to carry out clinical lab tests.

4. Field Technicians – also referred to as medical laboratory technicians, work with diagnostic and analytical equipment, including analyzers and microscopes. These individuals may specialize in a field, such as molecular biology.

5. Product Support – provides technical and applications support to customers and service personnel via phone, email and fax for lab instrument and software products.

6. Evaluation Teams – responsible for ensuring the safety and efficacy procedural products. They provide the clinical users’ perspective for new product development and changes/enhancements to current products.

7. Product Trainers – medical devices trainers interact with the OR and clinical staff and teach them on the correct and safe use of medical devices. They are experienced in planning and delivery of product training with a good understanding of a range of medical device operation and application.

8. Commercialization Specialists – are experts in maximizing product value. With experience spanning every stage of product discovery, development, and commercialization, they deliver market access solutions designed to dynamically explore and unlock your product’s market potential.

9. Clinical Technicians – play a crucial role in the process of detecting, identifying, diagnosing, and treating illnesses and diseases. Typical duties of a clinical technician include cleaning laboratory equipment and monitoring treatment.


Customers expect more insight and a higher level of service from medical equipment providers and product support professionals. With this, manufacturers stand to see huge benefits if they’re ready to adapt to the changing business environment and new technologies to help them succeed.

Now you can rely on professional solutions designed for the medical community to reduce the cost of sales and transform service workflows into revenue-generating opportunities.


With 27 years of experience in various medical device industries, Rep-Lite has a proven track record of success. Rep-Lite is changing how manufacturers accomplish business in the current environment by providing cost-efficient solutions using overhead reduction revenue generation.

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