Top Reasons Why You Should Contract Your Medical Device Sales Rep

Top Reasons Why You Should Contract Your Medical Device Sales Rep

- March 7, 2018

Every day, medical manufacturers and healthcare members alike often struggle in their daily routines around a swarm of medical device sales reps and support in the operating room and hospitals.

The truth is they can’t simply get rid of them because these medical and technical assistants have already become an integral component of surgical procedures and other processes in the OR.

But what if there was a way to streamline this activity by working only with less specialized device and equipment representatives?

That’s where “contracting” lower cost medical device sales reps comes in. Read on to find out how the Rep-Lite model is more sustainable and profitable…

A Support Designed Specifically For The Medical Industry

The “rep-less” model is a whole new approach wherein trained skilled field reps and sales professionals are not as welcomed to any medical facility or care clinic.

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11 Major Reasons Why You Should Contract Medical Device Sales Reps

Now you can rely on a recruitment and placement service that benefits both the manufacturer/vendor and medical community…

  1. Streamlined hiring process – specialized placement and training support removing the HR burden and increasing efficiency.
  2. Decrease cost of sales by eliminating or reducing heavy commission rates in the OR and utilizing only cost savings sales and service support.
  3. Increase a manufacturers bottom line – Critics argue that it is the high selling costs that lead to high device costs. With the Rep-Lite model, the cost is contained in as a standard price plan not based on flexible commissions model.
  4. Certified technical reps – well-trained medical device sales reps that understand not just the technical aspects of the job, but the importance of the client-rep relationship as well.
  5. Providing patient care without disruption – surgeons and healthcare providers can concentrate on their jobs without having to worry about reps complicating the overall process.
  6. Immensely skilled and savvy – each of the medical device reps and medical manufacturer support staff are trained in a variety of health equipment and manufacturing brands.
  7. Focus on doing your best for the business – a simplified process that will help you get back to the business of doing business.
  8. Operational disruption is limited and downtime is reduced.
  9. Enhance your sales team – Opportunity for upselling of sales and services for complimentary products/services is magnified.
  10.  Have control of activity and resources – reduce overhead costs by shrinking the number of manufacturer’s sales and support members that doctors interact with on a daily basis.
  11. Continue to provide best possible care to surgical patients – service and quality is increased as a subject expert is placed on location.

Nowadays, acquiring and retaining top performing medical sales and support professionals is very difficult. But when a technician is secured for strategic placement, you will eventually experience aggressive growth with minimal disruption to current practices.

With 27 years of experience in various medical device industries, Rep-Lite has a proven track record of success. Rep-Lite is changing how manufacturers accomplish business in the current environment by providing cost-efficient solutions using overhead reduction revenue generation.

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