Rep-Lite offers “On Demand Sales Program” to Medical Device Companies desiring to enter into the U.S. market


  • On time, on demand best-in-class sales team
  • Strong leadership team with solid U.S. market knowledge of adopting disruptive technologies
  • Ability to pivot and make changes with little or no costs – flexible and agile
  • Ability to expand and scale as needed
  • Lowest risk, highest reward model
  • More growth, more revenue – 5x revenue vs. distribution and 2-3x vs. direct; Plug and play model that drives market share with fixed costs


  • Immediate U.S. presence, outsourced, so you can optimize efforts elsewhere
  • Tenured Vice President of Sales (min. 15 years of documented sales and relationship success)
  • Proven Clinical Managers with (min. 10 years of successful device management experience)
  • Great Medical Device Sales Reps; stellar track records & relationships with major health systems
  • Inside sales professionals utilized for organic lead generation and field support
  • Complete “back office” support (incl. purchase order management, shipping logistics, demand planning and complete documentation control)