How many resumes have to be perused in order to find just one qualified and experienced medical device sales rep?

How many training hours does someone really need to completely understand, not just the technical aspects of the job, but the importance of the client/rep relationship as well?

How many gray hairs does your human resources team need to sprout for it to become evident that maybe things need to change?

Maybe it’s time to stop asking “how” and ask “what if…” instead.

What if you could simply rely on a recruitment and placement service that is specifically geared to serve the medical community? What if you could avoid the long and arduous hiring process and got back to the business of doing business? What if it were just simplified?

Well, it may seem a bit overly confident of us, but we’re here to basically make your life better as a personnel manager. As experienced medical device sales reps ourselves, we hear ya. We’ve been on the rough end of a crazy day at the hospital ourselves. Nobody understands like we do. It’s time for a change.

Recruitment, training, and placement of medical device and healthcare industry professionals is all we do. It’s all we care about. Streamlining our services to a pinpoint focus has allowed us to eliminate costly obstacles of hiring and place only those trusted experts in the field, serving your brand to the best of their incredible abilities.

Find out how working directly with industry-specific placement professionals reduces your costs by scheduling a needs assessment and talent recruitment appointment now.

What if you could utilize the vast experience and knowledge you’ve worked so hard to attain, improve your skill set, and get paid for your expertise all while being a part of a team that appreciates and rewards your efforts?

As a Rep-Lite team member, you’ll enjoy the ability to increase your value to both the hospital and the medical device manufacturers.

Typical Sales Rep % of Weekly Hours

Administration 23%
Selling Time 22%
Travel 13%
Order Processing 12%
Planning 10%
Service 10%
Misc. Other 10%