Healthcare providers – let us assure you that we understand your unique predicament. You’ve got patients to care for, you’ve got paperwork to file, you’ve got processes that need to be completed. If you don’t, people’s lives change. Literally. It’s an everyday battle to keep all those very important balls in the air and then… here come the sales and support reps.

Though you know you’re dependent on them and the equipment that helps you do your job, sometimes it just seems they’re always there – in the way. When they’re not performing some test on a device you’re in need of, asking for approval or admittance to somewhere, or needing a signature on some paperwork, they just seem to be in need of your attention. Frustrating yes, but an expected part of the job. But what if…

At Rep-Lite, we set out to ask and answer the question that nobody else was asking. What if we could reduce and even eliminate this frustration by simply training vendor reps to be more comprehensive in what they do? What if we could make the job of the healthcare provider even the slightest bit easier by shrinking the number of manufacturer’s sales and support members that they interact with on a daily basis? So we did.

We set out to train each of our medical device reps and medical manufacturer support staff in a variety of health equipment and manufacturing brands, in an effort to pare down the dozen or so sales and support staff you encounter on a daily basis, to less than a handful. Our unique services are meant to allow providers the ability to get back to the task of providing personalized patient care without disruption.

We understand the struggles and challenges and we want to make it better. Our goal is to help you reduce costs while improving patient care. Find out what we can do for your facility by contacting a Rep-Lite placement manager now. We look forward to helping.