How Healthcare Providers Can Reduce Costs While Improving Patient Care

How Healthcare Providers Can Reduce Costs While Improving Patient Care

- March 8, 2018

Healthcare providers are the modern day heroes. And as with great power comes great responsibility, for them that could mean multitasking from saving lives to dealing with sales reps in the operating room.

The role of medical device sales reps has always been to ensure the safe and effective use of their equipment within the OR. They have two separate and distinct roles called Consultation and Service and that occurs before, during and following surgery.

That’s right. They largely contribute in providing patient care by working for and with healthcare providers who can maximize their potential during procedures.

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The unprecedented value of contracting medical device sales reps is that there is a substantive training for sales and technical specialists from device calibrations to conduct in the operating room, thus saving time and surgeon frustration.

Hospitals Reducing Overhead Costs and Administrative Expenses

Key persons in the healthcare community such as a Regional Sales Director, clinical teams, house leads/surgeons, Legacy Account surgeons all play important roles as decision makers in the field.

While they may know what’s best for the patient, each one of them must fully understand that there’s a better and more profitable way of working with medical device sales reps.Manufacturers have seen an increase not only in products liability claims but also in overhead expenses that easily turns a sales rep from an asset to both manufacturers and surgeons into a potential liability for all parties involved.

Here’s how healthcare providers can benefit from contracting sales reps:

  1. Work with fewer sales and support teams you encounter on a daily basis.
  2. Medical device reps and medical manufacturer support staff are well-trained in a variety of health equipment and manufacturing brands.
  3. Fully managed so that you don’t have to file paperwork and complete processes.
  4. More comprehensive in what they do – helps to avoid injuries sustained in the operating room and gross negligence, both of which carry the possibility of punitive damages.
  5. Qualified and trained to prevent misuse of devices and to provide further warnings.
  6. A streamlined structure that allows for the preservation of time and resources so surgeons and hospital personnel can function without disruption.
  7. Placed by trusted experts in the medical field for case coverage and support.


By establishing clear protocols and expectations, doctors and surgeons can work efficiently with equally competent but lower cost medical device sales reps. Trained sales and support staff can work on their level of responsibility and involvement and healthcare providers as modern day heroes can do what their best at—saving lives.

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